M. L. Tompsett – Author page


Welcome to the new world of M. L. Tompsett – Author and her fiction romance stories.

Hope you enjoy the characters, as much as Michelle does.

If you like to contact Michelle, contact her through her contact page or Facebook

Dark Ones, assassins and fighting to survive, become Alexia’s new way of life. In this new series of Sex, Lies And Family Secrets: The Guy Next Door

Click on the  ‘Dark Ones, assassins and fighting to survive’ banner pic, to purchase the eBook.

Front Cover







For those of you who have been asking, I hope this answers your questions.


Tickets for the signing are still available. 25 February


Yes! They can be booked online (recommended for faster access to the room) – or readers are welcome to just turn up on the day and register and pay (cash only).
Signing only tickets are $15. (Registered delegates have free access to the signing.)


Come on up to Melbourne and be surrounded by all the fabulous romance authors. Grab one of their books and have it signed!


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